Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Has the next Canadiens GM been chosen? Maybe!

Today (Tuesday Feb 22, 2012)  there was an interesting back and forth tweets between @TonyMarinaro and myself @GOHABSdotCOM.

@TonyMarinaro writes ... Disappointed Habs fans do not worry. I have been told that everything will play itself out this summer. Everything.

I countered: @GOHABSdotCOM:  @TonyMarinaro does that mean #habs current regime will still be in place at the draft?

To which Tony replied: @TonyMarinaro:  @GOHABSdotCOM read between the lines.

Which now got me thinking.  Just this week Habs let it be know around the league, with days prior to the trade deadline, Travis Moen, a UFA after this season, is no longer being offered as trade bait.  

Who says?  And why?  Is it Geoff Molson calling the shots?  Gauthier? 

I doubt it's neither.  Gauthier can't be trusted like I can't be trusted next to a cookie jar.  Gauthier is responsible for the two biggest albatross in recent NHL memory in the trading for Scott Gomez and in the trading for Tomas Kaberle.  I think Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford is getting a bonus for unloading Kaberle.  But that's a discussion for another day.

Was it Geoff Molson who asked that Moen be removed from the trading block?  I doubt it because Molson knows as much as evaluating NHL talent as I know about quantum physics.

So my guess is, that the incumbent GM has already be known who he wants to retain moving forward. 

And is that incumbent Pierre McGuire?  Hmmm, as recent as last week McGuire, who does daily hits on TSN990 Radio in Montreal, shared his vision of the seven pieces of piecing  winning product.  He mentions the Canadiens have four:  In Goal they are set with Carey Price.  On defense with Subban and Emelin.  Power Forward with Max Pacioretty.  Missing, are three top centres including a shut down guy.  McGuire mentions Lars Eller can become that shut down guy.  Which leaves to two top tier centres missing. (IMO, it's only through drafting and developing you can find that).  And McGuire did say " with all due respect to  Tomas Plekanec" but he's not a top 2 centre. 

We'll see come draft day when according to Tony Marinaro, this should all be play itself out.

Mario Perrazzino
Twitter: @GOHABSdotCOM


  1. Gauthier did not make the trade for Gomez it was Bob Gainey. We need to go out and get Jeff carter.

  2. True Gainey was the GM at the time of the Scott Gomez deal. But it was Pierre Gauthier who scouted Gomez. i\It was Pierre Gauthier who recommend Habs acquire Gomez. Gauthier called Gomez a top 5 skater in the NHL. Turns out Gomez is more suited competing in Battle of the Blades than the NHL.

  3. I don't think McGuire is the man for the job, his ego will get in the way!

    Life Long Hab Fan and Loving it all!!